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Top Chrome Extensions of 2015 that will change your life.

Chrome Extensions enhance your workflow. End of story. If your toolbar is not loaded up, you are missing out. After a quick story, I am going to give you the downlow on the extensions that you should download. Like right away.


My chrome was recently glitching because of some virus. I had to completely re-install Chrome. I knew what was coming: No more auto sign ins, all of my extensions lost, etc. Luckily I took a screen shot of my toolbar before I did this. That was the best decision I have ever made. Getting anything done on another browser without my handy tools was almost unbearable. I tried Safari, Firefox, and well, just those. It was not the same. So I pulled up my new chrome, looked at my extension bar picture, and started downloading extentsions.

Here are some that Ghost Media Group cannot live without, in no specific order (Best is last):


This plugin I really like. If you are concerned about your internet security, and want to examine who is tracking you and possibly why, Ghostery is for you. On any webpage, you click the little Ghost, and he tells you every cookie the website now is using. Analytic Trackers, Advertisment Cookies, the whole deal. You also have the option to slide a button to "off" next to the cookie, thereby turning off all cookies that might be tracking you. If you do not care about this stuff, do not get this extentsion.


Ever wonder what technologies are being used behind a website? This is the tool that tells you exactly what components, servers, wordpress themes, analytic software, and everything else you could ever want to know about the technical backend of the website. Once again, its as easy as clicking the "bw" button on the webpage you are currently on.


This is a task managment software that displays on the web, desktop, and in your browser- my favorite place to use it. My tasks for today, tomorrow, and the rest of time beautifully drop down from the button, and there is a giant "+" for me to add more to my plate. If AnyDo is your workflow- try the plugin.


Better task managment than AnyDo with an even better interface. More suited towards team communication. This puppy is a powerhouse for whatever you are trying to accomplish and is one super simple, handy, browser extension click away.


Alexa tracks website traffic to every domain in the world and gives you a US rank along with a International ranking. This is good to use when researching your competitors, potential co-branding partners, or any situation that you will want to know how big of an online presence they really have. This plugin comes packed with more bells and whistles you have to pay for. Want to see what your competitors site looked like 3 years ago? Wayback Timemachine does it for you. Get Alexa.

Simple Notepad

Last but not least, the Chrome Simple Notepad plugin is my hands down favorite tool in the whole wide world. You simply click the button on the browswer, and a very simple notepad opens up for your note taking on the go. How many of you actually like moving from website to word doc and back to website? It is not until you get this tool that you realize how much time and utility you waste taking notes elsewhere. Oh, and it syncs to your notepad if you want it to, and oh, did I say it was simple?

We hope this helps you on your journey to learn the basics of becoming an internet ninja.

P.S. Sorry about any grammatical error, this was sent from my cell phone.

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