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Google Analytics: Unlocking true Profits


Google Analytics benefits

- Learn WHY visitors to your site are not converting
The average abandonment rate on a website’s conversion page is around 60%. Google Analytics shows you the bottlenecks in your conversion process that could be addressed to increase sales and leads. 

- Understand where potential customers leave your site
Pages with high bounce rates indicate that content may not be relevant to visitors and could be redesigned to increase sales and leads.

- Find out which portion of your market budget drives the most revenue
Monitor the ROI from your AdWords campaigns as well as other online marketing activities, then make informed decisions on how best to allocate your marketing budget. 

First Steps:

1. Set up an account.
Ghost Media Group will take care of that

2. Add the Analytics code
Ass the snippet of javaScript code to every page of your website

3. Create Goals
Define conversion goals for your website and use Google Analytics to track each time a visitor reaches these goals. 

4. Track your conversion page 
If your website has a shopping cart, Google Analytics can record actual values from your receipt pages to allow you to track ROI. 

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